Sunday, April 21, 2013

New blog...!

Started a new blog... enjoy! (I'm hoping I'll maintain this better with my list theme : ) I'll probably keep this though as my back up for expanded ideas perhaps....besos!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Photo Book

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Shutterfly offers exclusive photobook layouts so you can make your book just the way you want.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy German Day of Unity Oct. 3!


German History from 1990 - 2010 | 20 Years of German Unity*


Political Borders of Europe from 1519 to 2006


Going to an event at the German Embassy... above is a clip of a past performance there... let's hope mine is just as exciting, but with more lederhosen (see below -- we'll probably do a more thorough discussion on this topic another day... haha!  : )  I'll be back to tell you how the event goes...!

**Your turn: In regards to the lederhosen, I'm kind of speechless... but... my question is, do you really think these were easier to work in??? (again, we'll probably discuss this more in another post... but I couldn't resist...don't you fret! ; )

*No, you're not crazy, yes there are two tracks playing... Remember to turn off background music at the bottom of the screen before viewing...  : )

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Goals!! Poor Man's Travels

German Coastguard... : ) & Brief tour of Hamburg


Oh heeeeeey!!!! ; ) So it's been a while... I know I have wild masses of fans who have mourned my absence.... : ) but don't you fret... I am going to try to repent for my personal record of my life (note sarcasm in wild masses of fans... ; ).  If anyone still/ever did read this... get ready, because... I'M BACK!!!   Okay, actually, I struggle with commitment, so no promises... BUT  I'm going to try to write more because....!! I have a new goal.  If you know me well, or if you hardly know me at all... you probably know I have a slight obsession with experiencing and tasting as much of life as I can.  (and when I say taste... I DO mean literally.... ; )

Here's the scoop... I have a passion for travel, but limited resources in regards to $$$ and time... and (yes, it's true) I have a personal mission statement, and part of it includes experiencing as much of life as I can -- whether it be through actual travel, talking with people about their life stories, foods, music, dance, art, work, lifestyle, religion, etc. etc. etc. and do my best to do more with less.

As I was pondering recently how I could travel with limited resources, I have decided to experience it the best I can on my own.  Last year I started this on a smaller scale with Tapas Sundays when I would put on my flamenco apron, listen to flamenco music and invite a friend over to have tapas (in honor of my love for Spain : ).  I have decided to re-start and re-vamp this goal; meaning, my new goal is, to choose a new country each month and learn about/experience it each month.  The ways I do this may vary each month.  I am banking on DC being really cultural and having lots to offer... let's hope it does : ).

Here is where you come in -- as I scan for movies, documentaries, music, recipes, youtube videos, phrases, jokes, culture tid-bits, events, games, traditions, news, cool person of that country to learn about, awful American assumptions/stereotypes about the country, outfits to try on, etc. to try/do -- or just even share with me your own memory or experience for a little inspiration : ).

I already have a full plate, so I am not going to get too obnoxious with this goal, but am going to try to get a little country action in each week.  Upcoming country for OCTOBER.......... (drum roll.......)  GERMANY!!!!

Plans thus far for my "poor man's travels":

  • I'm attending a dinner at the German Embassy -- so I'll even get to touch some German soil! : )
  • Hitting up some kind of PG Oktoberfest event 
  • Finding somewhere where I can do a photoshoot with some traditional german clothes..... any recommendations of where I can get my hands on some?? : )
  • Rest of the ideas I'll be deciding from here and FB... so shoot me some ideas!  In the future, if this takes off.... maybe I'll even let people vote on my adventures or the country for the next month -- or even give out some invites to come eat/cook/attend with me if you're up for it....!! : )

Let the games begin! Taking ideas/love experiences/feedback starting............... NOW! : )  As I love traveling with others and sharing adventures with people... I hope you'll join me in the journey and tag along ; ).


(OR maybe I should just re-enact this like these folks... even if it doesn't REALLY have anything to do with Germany... still could be fun...!! : ) Ferris Bueller... Danke!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

40 line, 3 word update each... just trrrry to interpret : )

Life is a highway baby... I think I drove 40 hours in two weeks... (later update, later 80 hours in 6 weeks... who loves road trips?! : )

I am taking off to DC soon... here is 40 line, 3 word update each of my recent adventures I made... have fun trying to interpret!! : )

1. Heidi C-section TODAY!!
2. School lunch grandkids
3. Swam with grandkids
4. Ate yummy salsa
5. Saw Mom NM
6. Played catch grandkids
7. Cleaned prego's house
8. Ate at Chilis
9. Got temp-job call
10. Bob wants me (temp-job guy)
11. Crazy decisions DC
12. Need be there
13. Temp no go (see above)
14. Motivation to go
15. Interview when arrive

16. Microsoft skills tests
17. Other networking plans
18. Pack up go
19. Drive drive drive
20. Love phone GPS
21. Loved MCDs StrawberryLemonadeFreeze
22. Saw "don't pick up hitchhikers near correctional facility" sign
23. Saw suspicous hitchikers : )
24. Called PoPo justincase : )
25. LOVED driving scenery
26. Listened to books
27. LOVED St. Louis & Elk City, OK : )
28. Enjoyed state stereotypes
29. Ohio -- tired, Erin (friend/neighbor)
30. Scared Dad TV : )
31. Harry Potter Erin
32. LOVED home ward
33. Sister/Fam visit M-day
34. 4 yr. old Niece say, "I can't keep up with you and David" ha! : ) (or something like that, also asked why I wasn't married : )
35. Watched "Waiting for Superman" again (and y'all should too!)
36. Cheap Massage, Erin
37. PF Changs, Erin
38. FHE with Dad
39. Email catch-up
40. Musana Conf. call

Bonus: This, now SLEEP!!!! : )

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

40% off Musana Jewelry to Celebrate International Women's Day!

So I've been a little inactive in the blogging world for a while... but I'm making a comeback for a very important reason! : ) Musana Jewelry is the NGO I helped some friends start over a year ago. We have a new Spring collection coming soon and are currently doing a clearance sale to celebrate International Women's day! Check out:

40% off + Free shipping if you blog about us or make the image above your FB profile pic and email us about it at!

Even if you are not up for new jewelry, please share the message with friends -- your few clicks can make a world of difference to these women and their communities. See our Musana blog for details. Let me know if you have any questions or want to get involved, enjoy a quick intro. video here... Happy International Women's Day!

Much Love,

Sunday, April 4, 2010

In Celebration of Our Lord & Savior!


In honor of Easter, the holiday that has been set apart to celebrate that Christ was resurrected and lives, I would like to share my simple but sincere testimony of our Savior through the following video messages, as they speak for themselves. Please watch and enjoy : ) As you do, **despite your faith or denomination,** I invite you to ponder and reflect what the Savior has done for you and invite you to express your gratitude in prayer -- He is there, loves you -- and is listening, as He is aware of your situation in life, as well as your desires and hopes. I know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and that Christ is His Son and that not only did He live and die for us, on that third day, He rose, and... He lives again!! : ) I know that to be true.


Just as there were Apostles in the bible, as a Latter-day Saint, as result of a loving Heavenly Father who wants to provide a clear path for us to return to Him, I believe that there are Apostles on the earth again today -- this is the simple but touching reflection of one of them about this Easter Holiday.

***An Apostle's thoughts on Easter:***


The following are a few of my favorite hymns that honor Christ and His sacrifice and the hope we can find in Him.

I Know That My Redeemer Lives

I Stand All Amazed

His Hands


***Finally, the following is a link to a text version of a combined testimony of the 12 Apostles of The Living Christ - it is a true and beautiful testimony of our Living Christ.***

More messages like these can be found at and

.... And now, for some flavorful & audio-licious enjoyment .... ; )

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